December 31, 2011

Ode to 2011

*I made a book for Brian for Christmas celebrating our "First Full Year" together.
It's kinda cheesy,
(and I don't do mushy on this blog very often) 
but it was a great way to review such an eventful year.

I was still getting used to being your wife,
And realized quite soon that sports is your life.
You tested my patience and learned that was bad,
But learned how to cheer me up when I'm sad.

We each had our things that took us away

Which helped us remember to cherish each day.

Celebrating success and having fun with our friends;

The fun at our house just never did end.

There was that one time where we played "Mom" and "Dad."
And nobody died, for which we were glad.

We saw all the sites and the Smithsonian,
And you were so cute taking all of it in.
Our summer was full of traveling fun,
And we didn't stop until we were done.
From the Twin Falls up north to the Florida sun,
It was a nice break from our life on the run.

The trip of the year that seemed long overdue
To that magical place where dreams do come true.

Throughout the whole year in our ups and our downs
You did all you could to keep off that frown.

From rainy day dates to mad shopping sprees,
You made it a point to take care of me.
We made it a year -- the best year of my life.
I can't say enough, "I love being your wife!"
And so I give thanks to the good Lord above
For giving me someone so easy to love.

I hope as we go through these years up ahead
That we may not be filled with regret or with dread.
But this much I know and all I can say
Is I'm so glad I get to be with you each day.

I love you, Brian.
Thanks for a great 2011!

Love much,


Natalie Marie said...

I loved your book- that's adorable! you guys are like the classy mature newlyweds :)

Ben and Janelle said...

I think it's cute! And I really do love the blonde Beth. I like the brunette, but love the blonde. :) It's great on you! I desperately need to get my hair trimmed and recolored. It's gross. :)

anna. said...

you guys are so darn adorable. please both move to wisconsin so we can all hang out.