December 8, 2011


We've got to take those finals,
and then we're done.


Done driving too school way too early.
Done enjoying these majestic mountains on a daily basis.
Done climbing mountains of stairs,
traipsing across acres of beautiful campus landscapes.
Done seeking refuge in my precious Brimhall Building.
Done seeing this.



I still can't believe it.
And I can't believe I got so attached to this place.

But it change my life.
It gave me this guy.

And I'm eternally indebted to this program.

Where do I go from here?

Love much, 


Natalie Marie said...

It's true, I'm attached to it too, but when you come back and realize it's changed without changing it helps to tame that attachment :) I'm so excited for you guys to graduate!

Lissa said...

Good luck with finals, and congrats!

anna. said...