April 18, 2011

Looking Forward

Brian and I have had so much fun these last couple months.
We both were the busiest we've ever been before.
But we've also accomplished more than we have ever accomplished.

And to carry on with that tradition...
Here are our plans for this summer:

1. Friday we leave on a trip to DC to babysit these guys for a few days. This means we'll also be spending Easter in DC with my parents
(who are currently vacationing back East)

and my uncles who live in MD/VA.
Some how I have to figure out how to pack 3 dozen orange rolls in my carry-on without turning them into tortillas.
(Joe's request.... how can I say "no" to him?)

2. Create a website for my write of a father.
When we bought our new computer we bought the adobe web design package with plans of doing this.... We'll see how it goes.

3. Complete P90X's 90-day challenge.
We've started this 2 times before and we always get too busy to work-out for an hour each day or we get just plain old burnt-out.
I have 30 lbs. to loose and Brian would like to gain about that much.
We started today... and so far so good.
Thanks to my wonderful calorie counting app that helps me keep track of everything.
Have I mentioned how much I love technology?

4. Save enough money to buy Final Cut for my nerd of a husband.
He spends all his "free" time playing with computer and video programs and he absolutely loves it.
This picture is one he took on his mission and the edited and photoshopped to make it look like a small scale village.
Amazing stuff right?

5. Move...
Not far away... but we'll talk more on this later.

6. Celebrate our 1 year anniversary in Florida.
My sister Andrea is working for Disney down there and we want to go see her and my adorable nephew.
Plus free Disneyworld Trip?
How do you turn that down?

7. Launch a new blog.
I'm not going to get into any of the nitty-gritty right now because I'm still working out the kinks.
But thanks to Corinne for helping me come up with this wonderful idea.

8. Help with the creation of a new KBYU sports show.
This one is mostly just Brian.
(We'll vote later on names.... got any suggestions for a Utah High School Football Show?)

9. Get Brian a smart phone.
I feel bad for the kid... really I do.

10. Read *5* books off of the "Classics" list.
But it's hard to spend the money on the good books when I find interesting no-name books at Big Lots for $0.50.
It's a rough life I lead.... really.... it is.

Well that's the end of the list for us.
I'm sure we'll find plenty of other things to keep us busy as well.
But for tonight, sitting and cuddling and watching a movie with my husband and low-calorie popcorn sounds like heaven.
And I'm off.

Love much,

April 17, 2011

"Schools out....

... for summer!"

But before we start into the sunny summer,
we got together to celebrate the success of the wonderful program Brian and I are in!
I mentioned the awards Brian and I were receiving.
Last week we got them!
I was probably more excited for Brian and his achievements than I was for myself.
Funny what love does to you, right?

The next day we went to an SPJ conference in Salt Lake. It was hosted by the University of Utah and I must say.... we are so much better than them. I don't get into this argument very often, but seriously? We blew everyone out of the water with our appearance, awards, and experience.Brian won second place for a sports story that he did a year ago. YAY!
I'm so proud of my husband and the great talent he has.

To celebrate the last day of classes and Spring Break for my niece,
my sister Amy and I took Sami to the Provo Beach Resort.
It was a lot of fun and I recommend it for a good date night experience.
Well guys, this beautiful weather has got me itching for some summer fun.
Stay tuned for a list of the many things WE want to accomplish this summer.

Love much,

April 4, 2011


So... if you guys haven't realized this by now....
my life is pretty lame.

Which is probably why I haven't posted in like a week.

Brian's life is fun.
He got to go cover BYU in the Sweet Sixteen.
Lucky Duck.

Since I couldn't go because I had to be the "responsible one" and stay to work, I made him promise to take lots of pictures.

I guess his idea of "lots of pictures" is 5.

So here they are.

Boys: Be jealous.

Ya.... That's Jimmer behind him!
This is the Press Room... Oh, the MADDNESS!
This is where they set-up for the remote shoot!
It's surreal to see that big "Y" on the tournament screen.

What a wonderful season to be a part of... certainly the best in many, many years!