July 25, 2010

I'm super old now....

I turned 21 this year. Truth be told, it kinda snuck up on me.  I didn't even request it off work at first because I've had so many other events and things going on I just kinda forgot.  Luckily I was talking to my boss one day and he made me request it off.... THANKS PAUL...  And I'm so glad that I did!  Friday night my honey took me out for a wonderful date.  We went to the Mo Tab pioneer concert and had such a great time.  We love music like that and there was such a great spirit there.

Afterwards we went to this wonderful authentic Italian pizzeria.  It was AMAZING!  I am so excited for Brian to take me to Italy to get even more authentic pizza. OH and we WILL go eventually.

Saturday morning Brian came over to make me the greatest present in the world....... HOMEMADE CHEESECAKE!!!

Oh my goodness... it was so amazing.  We drizzled a little carmel over it and it was basically heaven. 

Later Saturday, my mom and I went to do a little shopping and then met Brian in Salt Lake for dinner at my favorite restuarant.  Then Sunday was really relaxed with just my family and a wonderful homemade dinner.  It was such a relaxing weekend.  Thanks to all who contributed.... and a SPECIAL thanks to the love of my life for making me the happiest woman on the planet.  Here's to a couple of GREAT weeks!

July 15, 2010

Bridal Preview

Ok guys... I'm so excited for my bridals to be done because I loved the way the engagment pictures turned out. My photographer did a SNEAK PEAK of our session. Click here or here or here to see it.

P.S. We are the last photo in the post.

25 DAYS!!!!!

July 12, 2010

REAL Date Night

So like Brian said, we have been extremely busy and now that I have some time I'm going to overload you with posts and updates!  A few weeks ago Brian and I managed to take a day off and get out for one night.  My dad won tickets to the REAL Salt Lake Game. It was so much fun.  I've been to a few soccer games in my day, but I've never been a professional game.  See, my family is really big into basketball and football.... I even know the basics baseball.  But soccer is DEFINITELY not something we do a lot of in my house.  It was so good to have Brian there to describe the rules to me and I know he enjoyed it as well.
We ended up running into our friend David at the game too.  He's the one standing up in the left side of the picture. Hi David!!! :)
Ha Ha....  It started raining in the middle of the game and there was some lightening they stopped the game and asked everyone to gather under the balconies.... ya right! We stayed right where we were... but I did wrap up a little bit so I could stay dry.

After the game, which REAL won by the way, was a special concert by David Cook. Brian told me he has never been to a concert that really really enjoyed.  I've been to quite a few and I find the only way to make them REALLY fun is to enjoy the people you're with.  Lucky for us it's not hard to have fun together and Brian actually admitted having fun even though neither of us really knew David Cook's songs very well.  Thanks Dad for the tickets... and thanks to Brian for an amazing date night.

ONLY 28 DAYS!!!!

So we got our engagement pictures back from our photographer and we both just LOVE all of them.  Angela Marie does such a great job.  We took our bridals on Saturday and so we should be getting those back soon enough as well.  But here are just a couple of my absolute favorites.
Ya.... we love each other a lot.
Thanks to Jake Taylor for our "LOVE-ly" graphics
Oh oranges...How you have bonded us!
Angela told him to make me laugh.....
Isn't my honey so handsome??  Oh I just love him!
I wish I was good at serious faces... I just look silly.
I love that Brian looks so peaceful next to me... It makes me feel so good.
I love the vintage look Angela puts on the photos.  It fits us so well.
So many people drove by and honked... I don't know if that's a good thing or not.
This was the first night-shoot Angela had done... and I thought she did a wonderful job.

Well folks... that's all for now.  I hope you enjoyed them and I can't wait to really start my life with Brian.  ONLY 28 DAYS!!!!!

July 9, 2010

Life As We Knew It

Life as we know it is completely changing. It's all coming at us really fast. But I guess that's what makes it really fun. We have been so busy this past week in preparations for getting married and setting up our new home. We have been greatly blessed with the opportunity we have to be staying where we will be staying thanks to a family friend. It's a miracle in fact. I don't know how we'd do it any other way.
So, we have been preparing the house. It's exhausting work but it is so worth it. Before and after pictures will come eventually when we're completely done. It is the cutest little house ever. It's been so fun to work on it with Beth. She's such a hard worker. I know this isn't much of a post but I just thought I would update everyone since it's been a while. But it's been a while because we have been sooo busy starting our new life and ending our old life as we knew it. It couldn't be more exciting.