November 26, 2011


The vacation is over.
Our car is packed & we seem to be going home with a lot more than we came with.
Here's hoping we make it home in one piece.
And preferably without any more sickness.

November 23, 2011


Today was my ideal vacation.
Waking up at 10.
Shopping (and purchasing) for a few hours.
One tourist stop.
(where JFK was assassinated)
Visiting DMA #5 station (Brian's dream market)
And meeting great people.
Dinner with my man at an amazing Italian restaurant.
(Thanks to UrbanSpoon)
Single dip of Braum's Peppermint ice cream.
I'm officially enjoying my vacation.
Love much,

November 19, 2011

Greater Love...

...Hath no husband than this, than to clean up the car after his wife looses her lunch in it... 4 times.

So far the trip is turning out to be quite an adventure. I'm so incredibly grateful for Brian and how sweet he's been. He takes such good care of me.

In between my bouts of sickness, Brian & I were just 30 minutes behind a horrific drunk driving accident. The drunk driver killed 2 people and left 2 others in critical condition, including some children. And whats worse? This isn't the first time police have arrested this man for driving intoxicated. I really hope this idiot rots in jail for the rest of his life.


Love much,

November 18, 2011


We haven't been to visit Brian's family in more than a year.... Before we we're married.

So today we start the trek to Texas. It's almost a 20 hour expedition and so we're breaking it up into 2 days.

At least for the drive down. We're not sure yet what we'll do on the way back.

Already we have learned that my mix of CD's reminds Brian and me of pre-mission college and freshman high school year respectively. Maybe its time for an update?

Love much,

P.S. I don't know why my phone is posting the picture upside down... Stupid phone.

November 14, 2011

M.M.R. #4

Let me just start with what's buzzing in the newsroom.
What do you expect?
My newsroom is full of college girls.
But as a reader of Hunger Games myself, I have to agree.
It looks pretty good.

With Christmas on it's way,
it's time we start thinking about what to get those oh-so-picky people in our lives.
I've been thinking of putting together a "Reporter Survival Kit" for hubby
and I think these are a must for the techno-geek in my life.
Especially these touch-screen gloves.

How many times have I wished I had a pair.

I think the title of this article speaks for itself. 
How to Have an Uncomfortable Conversation with a Problematic Coworker (Without Being an Asshole)
 And since I've already apparently had an issue with this,
I'm definitely taking note.
You probably should too.

The job hunt continues in our house.
I found these tips from Forbes pretty helpful,
but I wonder how true they actually are?
I guess we'll see after I apply them to my current resume.

The new "hot" word in the cyber world is
The Cloud.
What is it?
A floating human transport device, of course.
Maybe that's the wrong "cloud" but this whimsical mass transit is quite entertaining.
I'd take a ride.

I'll leave you with a funny.
Describes my recent work experience maybe a little too well.

Love much,

November 8, 2011

Christmas Crafting

Like previously mentioned,
I don't feel like I have a lot going on in my life right now.
I've needed to find something else to occupy my time.

Since Christmas is coming and this family's funds are low
I've decided to get a head start on presents and *hopefully* save some money along the way.

My youngest brother is on a mission right now.
So we all decided (meaning: my mom told us) to make ornaments to go on a small Christmas tree they were sending to him.

She made these.
Makes me think "Honey, I Shrunk My Parents!"

Brian's ornament:

There is a family joke/story behind this,
but we used puzzle pieces painted green to make it look like a wreath.

And the grand finale:
Of COURSE I'm the angel on the top.
He will totally appreciate the irony.

Next up, the in-laws.
(I can post pics because I've been assured by Brian that his mother never checks the blog.
If you do.... Merry Christmas Linda!)

Still feeling the need to impress my all-too-amazing-at-everything-she-does Mother-in-law,
I made this.
This is totally how Brian feels about his family now.
He feels all "picked-on" because we don't have kids that his parents want to come visit.
"It's all about the Grandkids."
Totally stole it from Pinterest.
But nobody needs to know that.
So forget what I just said.

And lastly for now...
(I can't post too obvious of pictures because I don't want to give away the gift before they get to open it.)

All these projects definitely have me in the Christmas spirit.
I'm also hoping that Christmas this year will bring relocation.
That would mean that we have jobs.
And are being adults.
And making real money.
(Options right now include Amarillo, TX and Myrtle Beach, SC.
But I'm sure there will be many more applications in the weeks to come.)

As for now,
a local radio station has started playing Christmas music.
So the inevitable Beth-wants-to-listen-to Christmas-music-6-months-out-of-the-year-and-Brian-is-a-Grinch battle begins!

Much love,

November 7, 2011

M.M.R. #3

I will hopefully post about my life soon.
(It's written, just have to get the pictures on it now)
But for now,
here is your third installment of
Monday Morning Research.

First off,
I had recent need of an invoice generator.
Never done one before in my life.
But apparently free-lance work in my area of expertise is common,
so I should get used to it. is absolutely amazing.
Type in your info and BAM.
Invoice = Done.

Several of my friends out there are first-time-pregnant,
so I thought this might be of help to you.
I can't wait to do up a little nursery of my own.

I thought this was funny.
And a little too true.

The Wallee has this neat little thing for iPads.
I especially love the wall mount,
which would be totally helpful while cooking the countless recipes on my Mom's iPad.

And if any of you have the same problem I do
sometimes falling asleep is a bit of a challenge.
I swear my brain goes a million different places and creates a million different "To-Do" lists.
These tips were actually really helpful for me.
Now I just have to be disciplined enough to follow them through.

That's it for today folks.
What other subscriptions should I add to my Google Reader account?
Let me know what you like!

Love much,

November 1, 2011

M.M.R. #2

I may not have my BYU Broadcasting job anymore,
(don't ask for the whole story unless you have an hour to listen to me rant)
but I'm still reading the news and liking some new stuff.

So here is the second edition of Monday Morning Research:
(even though it is actually Tuesday. Don't judge me -- at least I'm posting something)

Ohio State University says that the "Freshman 15" is just a myth.
My response?
"Tell that to my hips Ohio State!"

I'm throwing a bone to all you tech nerds (or it is tech geeks) out there.
Namely: my husband.
This one is for you.

With holiday shopping coming up,
you may find yourself in need of these tips.
Santa can't read minds afterall...
(And I've learned that neither can Mr. Grimmett.... but he's learning)

Remember this?My mom totally had one.

And lastly...I don't know what to say about this.
What do you think?

Love much,