December 3, 2011


Brian and I are on our last week of school.
I can't believe it.
I don't think I learned anything.
I don't feel any smarter.
I don't act any smarter.
I don't look any smarter.
Well... maybe I do on that one.
Guess who got reading glasses today?

I feel like not much has changed.
But then I look back at where I was 4 and a half years ago.
And I realized I HAVE changed.

Now let's hope it was a good change.

Oh and one other thing?
For the FIRST TIME in our marriage,
Brian finally weighs more than me!
And that's saying something,
considering he's like a friggin' twig!

Love much,

1 comment:

anna. said...

omg. those glasses. that hair. i love it all.