December 20, 2011


Brian and I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching our Primary class.
They have such amazing little spirits.

I have felt this huge responsibility to teach them true principles and encourage them to be their best.
They are making the important decision to be baptized.
The first of many important covenants they will make in their life.

We always come home with funny stories.
Like the time they wanted me to explain what adultery is.
Or the time that Brian had to help one of the boys zip up their pants... and felt like a total creeper.
Or that other time when I started crying and all the kids looked at me like I was an alien.

Ah.... Good times.

We taught them for the last time this Sunday.
But sometimes I think that they do more of the teaching.
In fact I KNOW that they do.

I can't wait to have my own to learn from.

Love much,

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