September 25, 2011

In a nutshell

I'm home sick today.
It makes me even more sick if I don't do anything.
So I see that as a perfect time to blog.
Since I haven't for like WEEKS.
Maybe even a month.
But who's counting right?

First off,
Brian and I are LOVING our primary calling.
We get to teach the 7- turning 8-year-olds.
And you know what that means...
It's so fun to see the light and excitement in their eyes.
It totally encourages me to be better.
That's for sure.
I was kinda stressing about giving the perfect gift that's the right about of spiritual without stepping on parent's or grandparents toes.
So this is what I came up with.
With the help of two of my most favorite crafting tools,
I came up with this.
I love being a primary teacher.
(I actually am missing my kids today as I am writing this.)

At the beginning of this month,
Brian and I officially celebrated our 1st anniversary by hopping on a plane and heading off to the place "Where Dreams Come True."
We met our good friends, Aimee and Greg, there and invaded my wonderful sister's house.
I don't need to tell you how much fun we had.
I'll show you.
Is this not the cutest little boy?
Going without kids was so much fun.
We did what we wanted.
Ate when we wanted.
We also didn't complain when the rain came.
Because it drove away the crowds.
And cooled it down.
All I can say... AWESOME!
(Don't judge us... this was taken at the end of a very long day)

The highlight of a Disney World trip as always....
We got to see Andrea's show.
We couldn't have done this trip without her and had so much fun staying up late and talking!
Basically... I have the best sister ever.

So there you have it.
Our September in a nutshell.

Love much,