September 22, 2010


Last night while driving I had an epiphany of sorts. I say of sorts because usually an epiphany concerns subject matter that is a little deeper than the thought I had last night but I still had an interesting thought. The thought was for a funny idea I had that is to make a list of things that I love but that sometimes have very unappealing qualities. Hence, Love/Hate.

I love roundabouts. They make life so much easier and make traffic flow on smaller side streets much more efficient. No more stopping at a stop sign even when there isn't a car anywhere to be seen. They are everything I like about modern science: Smooth, economical, efficient. It might only cut off 5 seconds of my daily commute but it's the little things that make life what it is. It's amazing.

I hate roundabouts when people don't know how to use them. You pull up, you yield to the oncoming traffic and then they stop to let you in. Could there be anything more annoying. You sit there and you do the little dance. We all know what I'm talking about. The one where you're like, me, no you, no me, no you each creeping an inch further at a time (always at the same time causing even more confusion). And not only is it annoying it is also quite dangerous. It also stops the flow of traffic and then I think to myself, why can't they just put in a stop sign.

September 8, 2010

From Mrs. Grimmett…. :)

Wow…. It has been quite a long time hasn't it? Oh so much has happened since the last time I posted. I'm so sorry about the neglect, but come on…. Ya'll can understand I've been a little busy right? Ok… well, as long as I'm here I might as well re-cap what has been happening lately.

I guess I'll just start where I left off. Brian and I hopped on a plane down to Texas on July 28th. We tried to catch a morning flight, but since we were on standby we didn't get anything until about 5. We were ok though because all that mattered was that we got out there. I spent most of Thursday with the girls in his family. It was nice to spend time getting to know them since it will probably be a while until we're able to see them again. Brian showed me around the Dallas/Fort Worth area on Friday and that night, since his ENTIRE FAMILY was able to be there we took a couple quick family photos. The kids were so funny. With that many it was REALLY hard to get them all to sit still. This was the best shot I could get… good thing I wasn't the photographer.
My parents got to Dallas safely and Saturday we had a wonderfiul reception! Brian's mom is like super-woman and she put the whole thing on herself. She made all the food, did the decorating, and organized the whole event. I wish I would have taken pictures, but I was a little busy talking to the 10,000 people that showed up! Oh my goodness.... It was so cool to feel all the support from these people I had never met. What an amazing night.

I wish the trip would have ended better than it did. Brian and I were unable to catch a flight home on Sunday and everything was booked for a while and so we ended up driving up to Utah which was TOTALLY unexpected and kinda a pain, but it made for quite the adventure.

Wedding plans wrapped up quite nicely the week up to THE DAY. Our plan was to have everything done by the time all of my siblings got up to Utah so that we could just enjoy the time with them. So when the Saturday before the wedding rolled around, we were basically done. My oldest brother Joe joined us on Saturday and we spent the day with his family at a really fun park in Salt Lake. Its that park that has the Ferris Wheel from the movie "Charlie." It was a lot of fun and was good time for Brian to bond with my family that he had never met before.

After that I couldn't really tell you what happened. I know we went to church on Sunday. I know I went to my sister's baby shower. And I know I met Brian's grandparents and spent a wonderful lunch with them…. But you know, other than that, those last couple days are just a haze.

I'm probably just baised, but I seemed to have the most perfect wedding. The ceremony wasn't until 1 and so I had plenty of time in the morning to get ready and take my time. The sealing was just beautiful. A family friend performed it and he did such a great job. I bawled…. So did my mom…. So did Brian's mom…. So did Brian. It was wonderful.

(I wish I had wedding pictures back already, but you'll just have to imagine the most perfect day ever and that's what it was like.)

I won't go into much detail about the rest of the day but just know it was amazing. We ate great food, danced to fun music, and talked with so many wonderful family members. Thanks again to everyone for your support!!

Brian and I spent the next couple of days just relaxing and enjoying being with each other. We ate at some super delicious restaurants in Salt Lake and Park City. Brian got to experience Lagoon for the first time. He also was a first-time Alpine Slider as well. It was a blast and I'm already wishing we could go back to just hanging out with each other constantly without having the real world crushing down on us.

I'm so grateful that we got married a couple weeks before school started. Even though work started back up for us pretty quicikly, we both had lots of time to settle in to our house. It's adorable and I love being here with Brian.

I'm so grateful that I had a mom that did such a great job of teaching me how to run a household. I am FAR from perfecting that skill, but I actually have found that I LIKE cleaning my house and getting it looking good. I love when I have time to make dinner for my honey and that I can do that without burning the house down…. So…. THANKS MOM!

So here we are now. Life is back to normal and school has started as well. Labor day was nice because neither of us had to work. We got up in the morning and went to hike the "Y" with my sister Amy and her family. It was a lot of fun and I'm so grateful for my understand husband who lets me rest when my asthma can't take it anymore. He's the best.

Well, folks…. I think that's about it. Phew… I'm glad I got all of that out. Now let's see if I can pump out a post once a week now that school has started. :)