December 29, 2011


Brian and I celebrated Christmas at work this year.
Ok... We were only there for Christmas Eve, 
but it was still a holiday.

Santa somehow managed to squeeze in a stop by his long night,
and he reassured us that we were both good little chillins'.

We were both very tired after a long day.
And the "fa-ra-ra-ra-ra" scene from A Christmas Story kept running through my head a we ate our Eve's dinner.

Thankfully we got off early enough to be home for the traditional reading of the nativity story.
My brother-in-law filled in for my dad
(since for some reason, my parents feel like that have to visit my other siblings every once-in-a-while).
But Brock did a great job.
Luke 2 always gives me goosebumps.

Sunday morning we work up bright and early to open presents before 9 am church.

The rest of the day was spent lounging around, watching movies, and just enjoying the down time with my hubby.
Have I mention how much I love this man?

I hope your Christmas was as peaceful and relaxing as our was.

Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year!

Love much,

Oh.... and in case you needed a little extra boost to your day,
Here is my A-freakin'-DORABLE nephew singing one of our family's fav Christmas songs.
We're all a bunch of hams.

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Ben and Janelle said...

I love that Santa showed up at BO! I did not know that Brian was working there too. Is he a delivery manager?
Glad you had a good Christmas!