November 2, 2013

Monster on the Morning Show

Halloween is SO much fun with little kids.
I think that's basically the case with every holiday.
But celebrating Halloween with my little monster was a blast.
The day started early as all of the babies, kids, and animals of the KSL morning team showed up early to Trick-or-Treat with the Harmon's brothers and Gardner Villages' witch, Lucinda.

As always, Will was Dino-mite!
He stole the show.
And he *tried* to steal my reporters hair.

Silly baby.

After hanging out with Aunt Amy for the day,
Will and I headed home for an early night of trick-or-treating.

Daddy came home early so he could spend the baby's halloween out on the streets with us.
Will LOVED it.
At first, he mostly just enjoyed being outside.

The first house we went to, we got a pack of nerds.
And baby boy WOULD NOT let them go.
He didn't want to have much to do with the next few houses we went to.
He was FIXATED on the candy he already had.
But then he realized something.
He figured out he was getting candy at EVERY door.

So by the end of the night - we had a pretty good system going:
1. Stand with Mama on the porch.
2. *PAT*PAT*PAT* on the door.
3. Pick a piece of candy out of the bowl.
4. Put the candy in my bucket.
5. Enter the house of the nice people who just gave me candy.

He never quite picked up on the fact that we don't go inside.
He wanted to check EVERY place out.
We really need to work on that "stranger danger" thing.
He's just so darn friendly.

Now, I'm no expert on first-time Halloweens.
I've only had one myself.

But I'd call this one a MONSTER success.

Love much,
Mama Beth