December 30, 2011


A few things have me very excited this week:

1.  We get to move up with our wonderful Primary class. 
I'm so excited to teach these guys again.

2.  Buying fabric.
I love knowing that I have projects to occupy every second of my time.

3.  Planning a trip.
It's not a vacation, but it's trip none-the-less.

4.  Starting the new year and planning how to lose 20 more pounds.
Can't wait.

5.  AMAZING friends at work that let me vent and lift me up.
(Love ya Mama Cass!!!)

6.  New Ipod... kinda.
Apparently I own a generation of Ipod that is known to spontaneously combust.
So I'm getting a replacement.
For free.

7.  Learning a new program that manages my moneys and bills.
Everything is SO organized.
I'm in heaven.

There are so many other things in my life that are going well right now.
I'm trying to be better at noticing those more often.

What's got you smiling this week?

Love much,


Natalie Marie said...

I'd love to know what program you use to manage money, I have no money management system. Also, care to share your exercise routine? I'm also in need in that department :)

Beth Grimmett said...

I use a program called "" I can't fully claim the discovery myself. Brian introduced me to it like 2 months and has been patiently waiting for me to get fed up with my manual/very slow way of balancing the checkbook. The version we have is free. You input all your accounts/credit cards/cars/loans and it keeps track of everything. You can set budgets for yourself and it manages them and sends you email when you're close to going over budget. You can also set goals.

Just sayin'. It's freaking awesome.

And as for the losing weight thing... I'm staying with Weight Watchers because they teach such healthy principles. But I can't decide if I want to start up P90X again.... "I love it, but I hate it" as Tony himself would say.

The Lummus Family said...

Are you doing WW online or going to the meetings?

Beth Grimmett said...

I go to the meetings. I've been doing it with my mom & sister for 6 months and its a great support system. I do use the mobile tracker though because it's easy to put everything right into.