October 15, 2010

Guest Blogger

Hi all, this is a guest blogger popping in, only because Brian and Beth left themselves signed in on a newsroom computer (such a newbie move for such a veteran news couple). But if they were here, they would tell you that Natalie Tripp is possibly THE coolest person that they have ever known and that you should all come see her in BYU's production of Romeo and Juliet, because watching her do the weather on the ElevenNEWS at noon is not enough Natalie in your life. Also, you can check out her blog at ntripp.blogspot.com to read about Beth and Brian's latest adventure down south because let's face it- in the newsroom, we're all so incredibly good looking that it just gets overwhelming and we all need to escape the stress of being so amazing.

Love you all!
Natalie aka the next big thing

This is me being incredibly good looking, and yes boys I am single ;)

October 7, 2010

So little time....

WHEW!!!  Work, school and more work has made us so busy.  I can't believe everything that we've been doing.  I don't believe that there really are 24 hours in the day.  Anyways.... I don't think ya'll want to read me venting about my life.... oh wait.... isn't this blog about me?  Oh, ok... well then I'll vent away.

It's a darn good thing that Brian and I are in the same major or we literally would not see each other.  ElevenNews consumes our life!
We both love it though.  Ya'll should make sure to watch KBYU channel 11 on Thursdays and noon to see Brian's handsome face anchor the sports.  He also got to anchor our all new, all sports show that takes place of our Friday newscast.  I'm the technical director on Friday so I'm the one the changes all the cameras and implents all of the graphic and video elements into the show.... DON'T WORRY!  I don't have to make or edit them, I just make sure they appear at the right time throughout the show. It's a blast and so intense... I live for the adrenaline.

I've also been involved in a production for the Marriott School of Management.  I work closely with the graduate finance students to produce and daily 5-minute webcast called Morning Market Call in which they interview professionals and other students about things concerning the economy and finance spectrum.  Here is an example of one of the shows we did last week. (Thanks to Brian for creating the AMAZING intro and tag video.  Recognize the voice at the end?)

It is a very great opportunity for me and I'm learning alot.... and so is Brian.  He is such a great help with everything and loves learning how to do stuff along side me.  OH.... I almost forgot the most important part... go ahead and hit up MMC by visiting their website. And the best part?
I get to meet cool, famous people and let them take pictures with me... oh ya... be jealous!

My supervisor job at Brick Oven is great.  I love being in charge (shocker) and Brian loves the meal card from which we get free food.

So pretty much life is awesome.  I guess having limited time with my honey makes me appreciate more the times that I am with him.  He takes such great care of me and I love how he is learning about all my different health issues and learning how to manage them.  Life is crazy? Yes.... but Life is Good!