November 1, 2011

M.M.R. #2

I may not have my BYU Broadcasting job anymore,
(don't ask for the whole story unless you have an hour to listen to me rant)
but I'm still reading the news and liking some new stuff.

So here is the second edition of Monday Morning Research:
(even though it is actually Tuesday. Don't judge me -- at least I'm posting something)

Ohio State University says that the "Freshman 15" is just a myth.
My response?
"Tell that to my hips Ohio State!"

I'm throwing a bone to all you tech nerds (or it is tech geeks) out there.
Namely: my husband.
This one is for you.

With holiday shopping coming up,
you may find yourself in need of these tips.
Santa can't read minds afterall...
(And I've learned that neither can Mr. Grimmett.... but he's learning)

Remember this?My mom totally had one.

And lastly...I don't know what to say about this.
What do you think?

Love much,


anna. said...


<3 OSU buckeyes though. miss you.

Ben and Janelle said...

I TOTALLY had that phone and played snake. Ha! :)
I am sorry about your job. I honestly do wish I was around to hear your hour-long story about it. You could FB message me about it! :)