November 19, 2011

Greater Love...

...Hath no husband than this, than to clean up the car after his wife looses her lunch in it... 4 times.

So far the trip is turning out to be quite an adventure. I'm so incredibly grateful for Brian and how sweet he's been. He takes such good care of me.

In between my bouts of sickness, Brian & I were just 30 minutes behind a horrific drunk driving accident. The drunk driver killed 2 people and left 2 others in critical condition, including some children. And whats worse? This isn't the first time police have arrested this man for driving intoxicated. I really hope this idiot rots in jail for the rest of his life.


Love much,


The Lookbook said...

Either you get really car sick or you are pregnant :) Pleaseeeee be the latter!!!!!

Anyway, that accident sounds horrible. Have fun in Texaco!

anna. said...

i go to court for people with 10+ owi's. welcome to wisconsin. that doesn't even phase people here, which is kind of pathetic.