November 7, 2011

M.M.R. #3

I will hopefully post about my life soon.
(It's written, just have to get the pictures on it now)
But for now,
here is your third installment of
Monday Morning Research.

First off,
I had recent need of an invoice generator.
Never done one before in my life.
But apparently free-lance work in my area of expertise is common,
so I should get used to it. is absolutely amazing.
Type in your info and BAM.
Invoice = Done.

Several of my friends out there are first-time-pregnant,
so I thought this might be of help to you.
I can't wait to do up a little nursery of my own.

I thought this was funny.
And a little too true.

The Wallee has this neat little thing for iPads.
I especially love the wall mount,
which would be totally helpful while cooking the countless recipes on my Mom's iPad.

And if any of you have the same problem I do
sometimes falling asleep is a bit of a challenge.
I swear my brain goes a million different places and creates a million different "To-Do" lists.
These tips were actually really helpful for me.
Now I just have to be disciplined enough to follow them through.

That's it for today folks.
What other subscriptions should I add to my Google Reader account?
Let me know what you like!

Love much,

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