November 23, 2011


Today was my ideal vacation.
Waking up at 10.
Shopping (and purchasing) for a few hours.
One tourist stop.
(where JFK was assassinated)
Visiting DMA #5 station (Brian's dream market)
And meeting great people.
Dinner with my man at an amazing Italian restaurant.
(Thanks to UrbanSpoon)
Single dip of Braum's Peppermint ice cream.
I'm officially enjoying my vacation.
Love much,


The Lookbook said...

yay shopping! your comment about the TG dinner made my day! but I know your TG dinner would have pwned mine :)

Ben and Janelle said...

Mmm. I love Braum's! Had never even heard of it until moving here. They have amazing ice cream for a good price and they have food, too1