October 24, 2011

Monday Morning Research

Part of my new job includes research.
Lots and lots of research.
And since we're running a bit low on fresh, new ideas, I've decided to dedicate my Monday mornings to really scanning the news headlines, tech tweets, and most importantly...
My Google Reader.
(Seriously like the best invention ever...
even if it is like my own little echo chamber...
Sorry Chad.)

I've come across some fun, quarky, interesting stuff
And since I'm the only one who comes into the office in the morning and I don't have anyone to share this info with...
I'm going to share with you.
Who know?
Maybe I'll like this and make a habit of it.

First off:
Amazon's subsidiary, Soap.com, just launched a new category of products on their website:
It would be interesting to see how the prices compare to that of normal grocery stores considering if you buy $39 or more of food then you get free shipping.
Maybe a time saver for you busy moms out there.

Next up:
(Another Amazon story)
The Kindle Fire
It has been compared to a cheaper version of the iPad.
It's more of a media storage and entertainment device,
Without the connectivity and namesake of the iPad.
But seriously... it's only $199.
Even I could afford that.

And if you haven't done your reading today,
this OpEd from New York Times a few weeks ago is worth a read.
Make me grateful for a mom who knows how and taught me how to cook.
(P.S. Not eating out as much and planning my meals ahead has helped me lose 20 pounds.
And counting.)

Interested in movies....
Here are some posters for upcoming movies.
My favorite look?
(Too bad it's rated R)

As you prepare for the holidays and perhaps travel,
this little article gives some help.
As for us.... We're still driving those 20 wonderful, entertaining, oh-so-joyful hours to Texas.
Pray for us.

Love much,


Audie Annie said...

not trying to bee too nosy, but how long have you been planning your meals (with the whole not eating out thing)?

I'm just starting to get really into it, and if you have any pointers, recipes, etc. we would love to have some :)

I hate how easy it is to eat out, but gosh darn it we are being healthier now! :)

AmyJo said...

Love the posters!! Especially the Clooney/Gosling one...I'll take it!! HA HA...miss ya sista