February 9, 2011

Playing Catch Up....

SO.... I know that I haven't been the best blogger this year. I'm super busy! 
But you don't want excuses.... 
you want pictures!

So this post will be loaded with them..... 
Hold on tight, here we go....

Like I've mentioned in an earlier post, all of my brothers and sisters came out to for Jon's "Farewell."
And we took advantage of having everyone here.
Can you say "PAR-TAY?"
The girls - minus Amy.... she came later.
And the boys.... I've never thought this before, but they all look like they could be related.... right?
The "Farewell" was awesome.
My parents decided to throw a party for Jon and his friends the Saturday before his "farewell" talk.
It ended up being a blast.  They could all talk and laugh and eat and be dramatic and nobody was "shushing" them in the chapel.
I highly recommend this route for any upcoming missionaries.

Next up....
My man's 24th Birthday!
Brian's favorite cake = Red Velvet
My experience BAKING a Red Velvet cake = 0
Thanks to the wonderful Natalie Tripp, I got a hold of an awesome recipe.  
But it was challenging making a cake form scratch.
This is everything for the cake... minus the cocoa.  Who knew Red Velvet needed cocoa? Thanks to my wonderful neighbor who lent some to this girl in DIRE need.
All 3 layers cooling... PERFECTO!
The finished product... after a few slices were very much enjoyed.. I'm pretty proud of my first attempt.
One very happy Birthday Boy!
Last but not least....  
My handsome little brother with the strongest spirit and testimony one could as for left us. He's now out on the greatest adventure he's ever been on. 
Funny how I never appreciated him when he was here... and now I wish I could just sit down and talk with him some more.
The whole crew at Tucano's before we say good-bye.  We'll all look a little different next time he's in a picture with us.
Wonderful parents... wonderful brother.... wonderful picture.
Well.... as you can see, we've been pretty busy.
I'm getting weekly letter from Jon and have posted them on his blog.
So you can all keep updated on his shenanigans.
Love much,


Cody and Denise Dunne said...

You should probably know now that I am in love with Tucanos. You must take me with you next time. ;)

Adam and Andrea Daveline said...

Thanks for finaling updating with some pics! Love you!