January 7, 2011


My family has always been really good about setting goals.  We would always sit down the first Monday of the year and set out at least 3 goals for the year.  I tried to do the same with Brian and I and... well... the papers are still lying blank on the coffee table.  I'm trying to think about what exactly I want to work on.  I mean, there are so many things I can be better at. 

But this post isn't about new goals.  This is about a completed goal.  A goal that my family accomplished today after 19 years of working at it.  A goal that is the most important I have ever set.  A goal that I will set with my young children and work at for ... well... as many years as it takes.  Shortly after the last child was born, my Dad figured out the math to when Jon would be going on his mission.  He also figured by that time I would either be married or turning in my own papers, SO my whole family would be able to *potentially* be able to be in the temple together by the year 2010.  My dad got a picture of the Salt Lake Temple and wrote with a sharpie on the glass: 2010.   We were a few days late, but today my parents and every one of their children where able to be together in the temple. 

Words cannot express how we all felt today.  Since my little brother is leaving on his mission, this is the last time this will happen for AT LEAST 2 years.  But what a wonderful experience.  The temple truly brings families together.


Monica Riedel said...

Brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat! How wonderful, Beth!

Dan and Ash V Dubb said...

This post is so touching! Im not gonna lie, I cried a little! What an awesome goal to set for your family... and its so amazing that you ALL were able to make it happen! Beth, you have such a sweet family and I am so greatful that I was able to serve you guys on saturday! I wish it wasnt so busy so I could have chatted with you all more. But thank you for introducing me to them, I hope someday I will have a family of my own just like yours!