February 28, 2011

The Cougar Faithful

For those of you who haven't noticed yet....SPORTS are a pretty big deal in our home.
The first and last website Brian looks at every day is ESPN.com.
(Specifically the Dallas/Fort Worth page)
He talks about sports constantly, he reads about sports constantly, and he writes about sports constantly.
Even in term papers.
Ask Brother Curtis.
He will confirm this point.

Brian is very good at prioritizing.
He doesn't let his sport addiction get in the way of church.
Or me.
For the most part.

I'm used to sports.
I never actually played them... but I'm a big fan of, well, being a fan.
I love the emotion and energy that exists in any sports arena or playing field.
It's also fun to yell at the refs from your couch, knowing they can't hear you, but thinking it may change the outcome of the game anyway.
REALLY.... I don't mind.

We were having an interesting conversation the other day though.
BYU teams are very clear in their Sunday Play beliefs.
We DO NOT play on Sundays.
The NCAA tournament recognizes this fact and makes sure that BYU is never scheduled for a Sunday game.

But there is one thing they forgot to schedule around this year.

General Conference.

If BYU makes it all the way to the Final Four... some of the games are on Conference Saturday.
Probably during Priesthood.
And Brian would go to Houston to cover the games for our department.
And possibly miss conference sessions.
But conference sessions are re-printed, right?
Women never listen to the Priesthood meeting, but are able to read about it later.
Can men play by the same rules?
On the other side, there is this wonderful new invention called DVR.
Guys can record the game, got to Priesthood, then come home and yell at the TV without knowing any different.
However, if your family is similar to mine...
The boys have said that if BYU is in the Final Four.... they're going to Houston to watch.
Which means they catch the sessions later.
I mean, some areas of the world don't get the sessions til a week or two late.
But how "Cougar Faithful" are we?
And what does "Cougar Faithful" even mean?
Just some thoughts for you and your man.
Love much,

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Kim said...

Dear Beth,
I love this. Its so true. But we might not have to worry about that now :/ Sad, but maybe its a good thing? I don't know. I'm torn.