February 22, 2011


Last week was a long week.
Work was crazy.  School was stressful. And it seemed like bad news waited at every corner.
This took a huge toll on my already stressful life.
And Brian really noticed.

(That poor guy gets it the worst when I have a bad week.  Sorry BABE!)

Anyways.... I came home from work Thursday night in tears.
I can handle stress. I feel like I THRIVE on it.
But Thursday night...I broke.
A *JERK* came up to me and lectured me for 3 minutes about how ridiculously small the salad plates are.
Same complaint. Same response. Nothing I can do about it. Nothing new.
But this man would not back down.
He began to rip into me. I felt degrated.  I felt dishonest.  I felt like a failure.
And I don't EVER feel that way.
I braved through the rest of the conversation, trying to do everything I could to make this guy happy.
Then I ran to the manager's office, closed the door, and fell apart.
I didn't know what was happening.  It wasn't like me at all.
But I put on a brave face and *tried* to make it through the rest of the night.
Not very successfully I might add.
When I got home, Brian suggested that maybe I was just completely exhausted and needed to go to sleep.
I thought maybe he was just being insensitive and didn't want to deal with me anymore.
But it turns out he was right.

And I slept for a long time.

I skipped my 2 classes Friday morning and so all I had to do was be on campus at 10 to start directing the show. 
And the show went pretty well... which added to my good mood.
Then a bit of shopping and running errands with my hubby.
So nice.
Until I got more disappointing news.... which made me break down again.
I have NEVER been the girl that cries at the drop of a dime.  I'm tough.  I can handle a lot of things.
So what was wrong?
I didn't know. But I didn't have much time to figure it out because I worked all Friday night.
SO, fighting back the tears, I went to work, promising myself to not think about anything but the customers and doing my job correctly.
It was a good, busy shift and time passed quickly.
Soon it was time for me to go, so I headed out to my car and found this.....
I love that I married a "writer."  His ability to express himself through words is SO attractive!
I couldn't believe it... my husband was the most thoughtful person in the world.He knows me so well and knew exactly what would make me feel better.
In the note he left he wrote, "PS- There is a surprise waiting at home."
He'd planned surprises before so I thought it was a nice bubble bath or homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese (My fav!)
I was NOT expecting this.....
BYU threw in the printer for free.... who knew?
I still can't believe it!
We've been planning and saving for one of these for a while, but had decided that we'd wait til the end of the semester and look at money again before we bought.
So... I was COMPLETELY shocked.
And in love.
All at the same time.
But in my *fragile* and emotional state, do you know what sent me over and made me break down?
New black work socks.
My other ones were so worn out and had HUGE holes in the heels.  And my sweet husband bought me new ones.
Cheesey.... I know.
I love that he loves me.... even in my nasty funny work clothes
So last week ended up not being so bad after all.
And I am "totally, completely, relentlessly in love" with my Mac.
Er... Our Mac.
Love much,

PS - Who can tell me the movie that the quote 4 lines up is from?


Natalie Marie said...

awwwwwww! I literally said that outloud too. Love you both!

Jake and Corinne said...

Sooo darling Beth! I love how well your hubs treats you! You two are the cutest!

Freckle Face Lauren said...

Pride and Prejudice. Mormon version.


anna. said...

aww. love this. and LOVE you both.

Chad & Chels said...

I LOVE this post! Good job Brian.

Ben and Janelle said...

Sorry things were so rough, but Brian was so great! He sure knows how to treat a girl. :)
The movie line is similar to a quote from Twilight, but I don't know what it's really from.