February 15, 2011


I really didn't know what to expect.
I'd only met them once.
If that.
But these guys were Brian's best friends in high school.
And they hadn't gotten together in probably 5 years.
So they invited themselves over to my house for a bit of a reunion.
And so we gathered... and talked... and most importantly....
... we ate!
Thanks to a wonderful, amzing cook in my parents' ward for the food.
Well, she didn't MAKE it
but she gave me the recipe book to make it happen.
Here are the 4 amigos
It was so fun to see them together and hear all of their funny stories.
Here are *3* of them with their one, true loves.
Thanks everybody for coming over and helping with the food.
Let's not wait another 4 years to get together again.
Love much,

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