March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday

I'm bossy.
I will be the first to admit it.
I have attitude like out the waa-zoo and sometimes can't contain it.
And my wonderful husband will be the last to admit it... simply because he knows better.
He is more care-free and doesn't get uptight like I do.
But this post isn't about confession.... it's about improvement.
Last night Brian reminded me that today is the first day of lent.
Ash Wendesday.
Simply put: giving up something to be more God-like.

I always thought people who gave up chocolate or sugar or Dr. Pepper for lent were crazy.
Who would subject themselves to that?
I mean... if you couldn't keep your new year's resolution, what makes you think you can keep this goal?

I suggested to Brian that we each give up something for lent.
I was thinking something silly like eating-out or something that would cut back on money expenses.
Brian's response:
Beth, lent isn't superficial.... It's about giving up a vice and working to improve yourself.
OK then.... what vice would you like to give up?

I don't have any I need to work on.

*rolls her eyes"
(Yes.... he's still learning...)

This got me thinking though.
If I could choose one vice to get rid of, what would it be?
What holds me back the most?
What's ruining my relationship with my husband?

I'm too bossy.
I try to control everything.
I try to manage everyone.
And I hate not knowing what's going on.
I want to be less bossy.
I want to be less competitive.
I want to be more loving and understanding to my employees and students.
I want to be someone that people can turn to and know they'll be understood, not judged.
I don't want to be the manager or producer that everyone is afriad of becuase I'm so "intimidating."
I want to do stuff for myself rather that continually asking for "favors" from my husband.
Do not fear; I'm not giving up who I am.
I just want to lighten up who I am.

Just a bit.

Love much,

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Anonymous said...

Dear Beth,

First of all I miss ya'll so much! Second of all, this is a wonderful post. I love it. Thanks for bringing your spirit and your humor to your blog. I will have a similar post by day's end today. Thanks for your example!