March 22, 2011

What the Homemaker?

When did I become an adult?
When did I start doing these things that I grew up watching my mom do?
What am I talking about?

Well my day went a little something like this.

I woke up bright and early to get ready for work.
I got ready.
As we're rushing out the door I remembered I have to take dinner to a sister in my ward tonight.
I throw stuff together to fix when I get home.
I go to work.

I get home from work.
Throw the stuff in the oven and do the dishes from the mess I just made.
Run the food to the sister and chat with her for a minute.

Rush home to start dinner for my guests and me.
Get dinner cooking and wash the dishes I made from making dinner.

Start on the cookies that I owe to people in my ward:
1: Our landlords son who fixed our heater
2: The wonderful lady who accompanied Brian and I this last Sunday during our song.

Finish the cookies.
Breathe for a minute while I lick the beaters.
Set the table for dinner.
Take dinner out of the oven.
Put cookies in the oven.
Eat dinner.
Rotate the different trays of cookies in and out of the oven while trying to eat my dinner before it gets cold.

Finish dinner.
Stow away leftovers.
THANK my guests for cleaning up the dinner dishes and help dry.

Finish frosting cookies.
Sit down and blogstalk about other creative, crafty, cheap things I can make for my house.

Ignore homework.


See what I mean?
Busy... yes.
Fulfilling.... Double Yes!
I know I have said this before but the events of these past few days and conversations I have had with friends have made me realize how GRATEFUL I am that I had a mom who taught me how to manage a household and plan out meals wisely.
Oh and who was the BEST example of CHARITY anyone can ask for.

Just call me MOM....

... well.... not literally....


Love much,


Ben and Janelle said...

:) Good for you. That's a lot of work! I have had plenty of those days so far, with many more to come I'm sure.

Kara said...

Would you like to come show off your skills at my house? :)

The Davis Duo said...

Hahaha oh I love this post. One of the best ever! I can relate. It's like some crazy alternate reality.

anna. said...

you're such a grown up ( :