December 4, 2010

My brave warrior

We are so blessed to have a HOUSE to live in right off the bat. We knew that while taking care of a house meant more responsibility... but these past couple of weeks, we've had more responsibility than we've wanted...  MICE!!!

I hate them.... I don't hate many things, but I can honestly say I HATE these mice.  We first discovered them the weekend Brian's parents came to town. Ya... such a good impression for the in-laws, but I couldn't do anything about it.  I felt helpless.  They were in my walls, they were eating my oatmeal and my cooking brushes!  So Brian's parents helped us start the hunt.  First we cleaned out all the cupboards and re-washed all the dishes.
Then we went and bought traps. That was a big enough adventure.  Do we spend more money and get the contain and kill? Or do we buy the cheap little ones and have to see the dead mouse....  Well, we bought a little of everything.  Normally you set a trap with peanut butter or something else smelly, but we obvioulsy couldn't use that, so we used what they seemed to be eating.... oatmeal and honey.
Brian set the trap right by the hole they were coming out of and.....
TA-DA!!!  My brave husband caught one!!!
Now... this saga has not ended.  We've caught a total of 3 mice so far and have 2 more traps set up.  Just last night I saw mice droppings all over some of my drawers.  The worst part is that they are all in my kitchen.  We've had to re-sanitize everything at least twice now.... I sure hope they go away soon!

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Ben and Janelle said...

Yuck! I am so sorry!
Why could you "obviously" not use something smelly like peanut butter? I don't get it. :) But oatmeal and honey sounds like great bait. Good luck!!