December 22, 2010

Curtain Call

End of the semester means end of shows.  It's a very bitter-sweet thing for me.  I hate waking up early and EP-ing means 5:30 mornings for me.  But once I get to work, I can't get enough.  The adrenaline kicks in and I'm hooked.  It's especially fun towards the end of the semester when more people know what they're actually doing.  I'm submitting some of my work for "Gracies" which are national awards for female journalists. They'll be submitted in February.... wish me luck!
Anyways, I get to work with some amazing people.  I've learned so much more as a leader than I ever did as a student.  I think that's pretty funny.  Here are some pictures of the awesome crews I got to work with.  Look closely... these people are going to be famous someday.
CoogTube crew: Thank you for putting up with my directing. It was my first semester, but it was yours as well.  So it was GREAT learning together!
Tuesday: We BUSTED IT OUT! Who ever said you can't build a show with only 2 reporters? Well we sure showed them. Thank you for teaching me all the tricks of filling up 27 minutes of times.
Thursday: I probably learned the most from you.  You tried my patience, but you all worked so hard!  Thank you for teaching me how to understand people and handle stressful situations tactfully.


Valeria said...

Beth! U are the best! i seriously loved this semester! (even though maybe it doesn't show in my face hehe)
Feliz Navidad and Feliz Año Nuevo!

Adam and Andrea Daveline said...

Next up: Produce a show for ME to be in ;-)