December 23, 2010

Let it SNOW!

Brian and I set up Christmas a few weeks ago.  It's amazing the feeling a few lights and a little tree can bring.  Oh and when I say little.... I really mean little.  I bought this "Charlie Brown" tree a few years ago and it is the perfect size for our little house.  I LOVE it!  I was able to scrounge up some pennies to buy a few more things to decorate with.  PLUS... I made these adorable stockings. I'm quite proud with how they turned out. I even hand-stitched our names on them!  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!
P.S. We got about a foot of snow at our house a couple of days ago. It was just the thing to get us in the holiday spirit!

1 comment:

Adam and Andrea Daveline said...

I LOVE your stockings. You are my hero. Plus, Adam and I still have our small Christmas tree. I think it's sweet!