December 23, 2010

Christmas Craze

Well, it was a good, hard push to the end. But we made it. Our first semester as a married couple. We both had full schedules and ended up having so much fun along the way.  I can't imagine now what I would have done without Brian.  He helps me so much with everything I'm doing (whether he volunteers himself or I do.)

We had a little gift exchange party at our house on the last day of finales.  I cooked lots of treats & Brian washed LOTS of dishes.. seriously.  I used every kitchen machine w own.  But it turned out great!  We think/hope everyone else had fun too.  Brian has been playing with this new camera for our news show along with some fun programs he's learned this semester.  Here are some clips from the evening.

I'm so grateful for such great friends!

P.S.  Brian also went out and got some shots of the Provo Tabernacle fire.  What a sad day for Utah history!


Brotha Chad said...


Natalie Marie said...

Chad, you know you love us nerds! Brian, nice work. Beth, seriously that was some of the best food I've had at a party in a while- I want the recipe for your dip!!!!