January 9, 2014

Surprise in the City

In mid-December I traveled to the Big Apple for the first time.
My sister, my mom, Will and I went to visit my other sister and her family who currently live there.
They're both actors, living the dream and trying to raise a family while they're at it.
They're incredible.
And so was our visit.
My biggest fear: the plane ride.
But William was a star.
Okay - other than for this short period of time, he was a star.
He slept for the first part of the flight and then did a great job staying with either my mom or me throughout the flight.
Thankfully there was an empty seat between my mom and I so we spread out and let Will loose.

The best part of the trip: my sister had no clue we were coming.
My BIL did a great job of keeping the secret.
We surprised her by showing up at Rockefeller Plaza.
She was nearly in tears.
It was magical to be there during the holidays.
 Everything was decorated so elaborately and the lights were so pretty.
William was enamored.

Like most who visit, we quickly became Subway experts.
And cousin Xander did a great job of showing Will how to manage the train as a toddler.

We were sure to hit all the hot spots:
The 9/11 Memorial.
Times Square.
Macy's Santa.

The Statue of Liberty.
Central Park.
We had a lot of fun and made plenty of memories.
But by the end - little Will and I were ready to come home to Daddy.
And Brian *tells me* he was ready to have us back.
You'll have to ask him if that's still the case.

Love much,

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Ashley said...

This makes ME want to tear up! I bet your sister loved having you guys there! Its my dream to go to NYC during the holidays! Looks so beautiful!! What a fun trip!