January 5, 2014

One. Year. Old.

My baby boy is...
Okay - I can't seem to even utter it.
William is one.

12 months ago my life changed forever.
It was a blistery winter day that we brought junior into the world.
But my life has never been as peaceful and as rich as it is now.

This last year has gone by WAY TOO fast.
I feel like I've done such a poor job of documenting his first 365 days of life.
But that's okay.

We've made precious memories that I will forever cherish.
And ya'll don't need to know all of them.
Just know living with my little man is nothing short of complete joy.
He is joy.
There is no better word to describe him than that.

While William's physical appearance was constantly changing in the first few months,
it's the developmental part that is growing the most now.
It seems that every day he has a new trick.

We giggle.
We give (really wet) kisses.
We blow kisses.
We walk all over.
We climb on everything.
We fall off everything.
We get stuck.

We make lots of messes.
We clean up lots of messes.
We LOVE to eat big-people food.
We really don't like baby food.
We have EIGHT teeth and are currently cutting some molars as well.
We still eat every two hours.
We put everything in our mouth.
We love playing outside.
We love grass.
We love our voice.

We can say:
Ba-ba (bottle) This was his first associated word.
Hhhaaat (Hot - which he uses for just about everything interesting)
Sssaaa (soft)
Gum-pa (Grandpa)
Buh-ba (Bye-bye) - and that's accompanied by a wave. Always.
Whf-whf (what the doggie says)
Eee Eee (what the monkey says)
Assa-Assa (Outside)
Bbbbbbbb (while he pushes his little cars around)
Whoooo-Whooo (when he sees trees)
Naa Naa Naa Naa (No - ya, he's heard that word a few times)
I think he's imitating the sound wind makes when it goes through the trees.

He is a smart little kid.
I'm sure every parent says that.
But I truly believe Will has Brian's brain.
They both love to know how things work.
It is so fun to watch him watch things, figure them out and then try it himself.
He always wants to be "in" on everything.

Will is constantly moving.
But he does take time every once-in-a-while to stop and read a book.
His favorite is one he got from his pediatrician that has lots of pictures of other babies.

We're still a little light on the hair.
But part of the issue is that his hair is getting pretty blonde.
The new stuff is basically white.
But there is quite a bit of red actually and he's got the complexion of a ginger.

The little man has HUGE hands and feet.
We're already wearing size 6/7 shoes.
We're also in 18-24 month clothes.


Needless-to-say, Will is growing like a weed.
But a very cute weed.
One of those weeds you never want to get rid of.
Do those weeds exist?
Okay - maybe it was a bad analogy.

Will is growing like crazy.
And being able to watch it all happen is such a privilege.

Happy Birthday baby boy!

And if you're still reading and have 2:30, watch this.
Will's last six months as captured by my iPhone.

Love much,
Mama Beth

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