January 3, 2014

Building: Part One

Brian and I are building our first home.
It's overwhelming.
It's exciting.
It's nerve racking.

Come to think of it - 
I think I used a lot of those same adjectives to describe parenting.

We never thought we would be building a house this early in our marriage,
let alone building one in Utah.
We've been completely blessed to be in a position with our careers that we're able to settle down in a market where we feel we could stay for a very long time.

When we first started talking about getting out of our little apartment 
we thought we were looking a couple years into the future.
We were looking at homes and thought that whenever we did move
we could move into an older, smaller home.
But then, one fateful Saturday, we came across a new development in Midvale.
We both fell in love.
Within two weeks, we had signed papers and we were picking out colors.
Right now, the process seems slow.
Our plot. On the end.
It's a multi-family development so they're giving us 150 days until completion.
That means we're looking at March until we can move in.
Hello, two-car garage!
Our soon-to-be front door!
In the meantime, we are hanging out with my parents in American Fork.
We are enjoying this time with them and
Will LOVES his grandparents.
I swear he likes them more than he likes us.
Grandpa is his outside buddy.
And he loves helping Grammy cook.
For William, life couldn't get any better.

And I gotta say:
I'm thinking the same thing too.

Love much,

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