February 6, 2013

The First Few

Any new parents can sympathize, I'm sure.
But the past three months seem to have flown by.
I'm cuddling with my little nugget now and
wouldn't give up any of these many precious snuggle sessions we've had the past 12 weeks.
But those sessions have dominated my time
and I've neglected this blog.
I want to remember these first few months
and one way I can to that is by writing about them.
I only hope that with all the time that has passed,
I can remember all of the most important moments.

The first few days:
William and I recovered quickly from labor.
Let's be honest here:
Labor is traumatic - for both parties.
Just the mere thought of what I did still baffles me.
But two days in the hospital were enough for all of us.
Poor Brian has to sleep next to the window and nearly froze the first night we were there.
And I just wanted to be in my own bed - sans uncomfortable donut ring.

Sidebar - I love my amazing morning show crew.
They were all so excited for us and even gave Will his first TV shoutout.

Since my own mother was out enjoying herself on some exotic island,
Brian's mom flew into spend the first 10 days with us.
I'm so grateful she was there.
Without her, we wouldn't have know that our heater was broken
and it got into 40s in our apartment overnight.
(Don't worry - Brian was able to call maintenance to fix it before Will and I came home) 
We also wouldn't have had any meals to eat,
let alone dishes to eat them off of.
She kept my house running while I was able to figure out this new little person.
And for that I am forever grateful.
Brian got a few days with us before he had to go back to work.
It was totally surreal.
We had this brand new little baby.
We were parents.
We had to keep this thing alive.
We had no idea what we were doing.
But life kept on and we figured it out.
 (Correction: We're still figuring it out.)

Love much,
Mama Beth