March 27, 2013

6 Blessed Weeks

I knew I had to go back to work.
That was always the plan. 
In fact, the plan was to go back after four weeks.
 But by some unexpected miracles and a few pulled strings,
I was able to get two extra weeks.
And those extra 14 days made all the difference.

My mom didn't join the party until Will was almost two weeks old.
But it was like my MIL handed her the "angel" baton and kept running with it.
My mom was there for anything I needed.
She came up almost every day and helped me with everything:

What I learned most is that everything was harder than I expected,
but at the same time it was easier.
I know that probably makes absolutely no sense.
So let me explain.

Sending Brian off to work in the mornings became difficult for me.

I just wanted him to stay and play and enjoy our baby with me.

And I know (at times) he wanted that too.

But he had to go to work.

Getting good sleep was harder because I was worried that if I wasn't staring at will at all times,
then he would stop breathing.
Can anyone say, "First time mom?"

Doing any house keeping seemed like a stretch.
My body was recovering still,
but it was a remarkably easy delivery and I bounced back quickly.
Still, I found it absolutely exhausting to stand for long periods of time.
And doing work around the house meant I had to put the little one down.
And that simply was not going to happen.

Not everything was difficult.
I latched on to mothering like I was born to be a mom.

Oh, wait...
I was.
But it was completely shocking to me how easily everything came.
I quickly learned my child's different cries.
I figured out what soothed him - AND what didn't.
I felt a love stronger and unlike any love I'd ever experienced before.
It was simply indescribable.

I found myself wasting hours just staring at this beautiful creature in my arms.

And I had to constantly remind myself that that was OK.

We did get a few things done while I was on maternity leave.
We managed to get family pictures taken by the very talented Carrie Plastow.

We got ready for Christmas,
explored the newest mall in Utah County,
took a lot more pictures,

visited friends and family,
and even popped in to introduce him to my morning crew.
Of course, Lori couldn't keep her hands off him long enough to do the show,
so he did it with her.
Oh and did I say we took lots of pictures and video?

 Let me tell you, those pictures got me through the first couple of weeks back at work.
And even though I'm used to it now - I still sneak a peek at those purdy baby blues.

 Looking back on those 6 blessed weeks, I realize they were really hard and a huge adjustment.
But they were possibly the best 6 weeks of my life.

Love much,
Mama Beth

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