December 13, 2012

Birth Day

It's not every day that you get to witness a miracle.
I guess that's one of the reasons why I will always remember the events of November 10, 2012.

Brian and I had spent the previous day running errands, cleaning the house, and getting ready for the pending arrival of a certain little baby boy.
We got all of our chores done and decided to reward ourselves with a celebratory dinner and little get-away.
We talked over pizza about how this little guy was going to change our lives when he came.
I even told Brian that I thought I would be pregnant for another week or two.
(BOY! Was I wrong?!)

After dinner, we packed our overnight bags and headed to the exotic city of American Fork to "Hotel Walker" where a King-size bed and jetted tub awaited us.
My very pregnant body was in heaven.
Then the morning came... and I woke up in a rush.
A rush of water.
Water broken.

As soon as we realized what was happening,
Daddy Brian kicked into gear.
I've never seen my husband like that before.
He hopped out of bed, packed our bags and ushered me out to the car.
Overnight, a huge snowstorm blew in and we saw the most snow we had seen all season.
We drove the 30 minutes back to our house because I had everything packed up and ready to go.
I know
Plus, the hospital was only 10 minutes from our house so I knew we'd have enough time.
In all honestly - I mostly wanted to make sure we had the camera before we got to the hospital.
I know.

We checked into the hospital and it seemed like everything went so fast.

Part of that is because it did.
4 hours after checking into the hospital,
William Walker Grimmett entered the world at 7 lbs. 12 oz.
Here is an audio vignette that my amazing husband put together.
Listen in now to hear how the labor and delivery went.
(I can't listen to this without crying.
The end is a tear jerker!)

As soon as they put that little blue baby in my arms and he let out the first cry,
I knew all was well with the world.
I will never forget this moment.
Again, a tear jerker.

The rest of the day was filled with a lot of firsts.
First feeding.
First bath.
First bowel movement followed by first diaper change - one that included William peeing all over his daddy.
That was a tear jerker as well simply because I was laughing so hard.
While the number of "firsts" we are encountering now is wearing thin,
the excitement and joy that this boy brings into our lives is ever-increasing.
William made me a mom.
William made Brian a dad.
And he definitely makes both of us completely and utterly happy.
I think I like this motherhood thing.

Love much,
Mama Beth


Lydia said...

I LOVED the audio story Brian put together. It was beautiful and simple and so exciting. Congratulations you guys, it looks like you've both transitioned into parenthood beautifully :)

Natalie Marie said...

agreed on the audio, great job Brian! Loved the story about laughing so hard you were crying while Brian changed William :) That boy is so cute, hope we get to see him soon! Love you guys!

Ben and Janelle said...

Beautiful! You...the pictures...your baby...the snow out your window...all of it! :) Congrats!