November 4, 2012

The Process

Where do I even start?

The past couple of months
(Yes, I do realize it's been more than two months since I last wrote)
have FLOWN by. 
I know that it's just silly pressure that I put on myself, 
but I really wanted to document this pregnancy better that I did.
I guess it's the journalist in me.
Or maybe it's all the ideas I found on Pinterest while we were trying to get pregnant.
Or maybe it's my need to compete with everyone and everything and be the best at anything I try to do.
Including being the best at preparing for, having and taking care of a baby.
Ya, I know.

But what's actually happened is somewhat miraculous.
I've just let myself enjoy this process,
enjoy my new job,
and enjoy preparing for this new little life.

Oh, we've snapped a few pictures along the way so I'll post a few of them here
but I'm so glad that we've just tried to take in everything that is new and exciting and changing.
Which is a lot of stuff.

At the beginning of September we went on our last "couple" trip.
My sister has generously donated half of her child-rearing tools to us 
because she recently moved across the country.
So we drove down to San Diego to pick up a few things
and we were able to be there for my nephew's birthday.
It was a blast and seeing the energy and excitement he has for life made me really excited to have my little boy.

Later that month my sisters and mom threw an AMAZING shower for me and Baby G.
I'm seriously so blessed to have them in my life!
They are all such great examples of mothers - in so many different ways.

So now that I've totally overwhelmed you with pictures I'll wrap it up now.
Brian and I have had so much fun getting ready for this little man.
I can't even imagine how this baby is going to change our lives.
I'm actually trying to not think about it.

But for the meantime, little guy, we sure love you.

And we can't wait to meet you.

(But daddy says if you come before election day, he won't be there.
So hold out a few more days - at least)

Love much,
Mama Beth


The Lookbook said...

That was such a sweet little post. I think it's amazing you and B were able to just enjoy every minute of pregnancy and soak it all in... Documentation is good, but enjoying the journey is way more important!

And that shower... I die. SO CUTE. I love you Beth, Brian, and Baby Breth. Do you see what I did there? Please tell me you get it. Beth plus Brian= Breth, plus a pun on that flower plant? Ok clearly sleep deprived.


Ashley said...

Your sisters little boy is getting so big!! He is so cute! I'm so glad you have been soaking it in and just enjoying this pregnancy. It feels like forever, but it goes by so quick! Good luck with your delivery. Cant wait for you to have your happy, healthy, baby boy! Congrats!

Ben and Janelle said...

The photographer in me has noticed the high quality of your photos on this post and the hospital post and few others. You've got a nice camera and whoever is using it knows how to operate it well and has taken some nice pictures!
What a fun shower! :)