July 12, 2011

July already?

Now that July is in full swing,
I really feel like it's summer!
It might also be because July is my birthday month
(go cancerians!)
And celebrations are happening right and left.

Brian took me shopping last week.
It took a little persuasion on my part,
but he took me to the outlets in Park City.
They always have the most amazing deals.
And my new favorite stores.
(Corinne - I was thinking of you the whole time)

And we might have even found a few things for him too.

That night we hit up this elegant little place in Provo
(Thanks to the Browns for the recommendation!)

It was a little pricey and we couldn't eat there every night,
but the food was fantastic and the atmosphere was so fun.

Then last night,
(After another round of shopping with my mom)
Brian took me to the "5 Browns" concert at Thanksgiving Point.
We had never seen them perform,
and we really wanted to see Greg before he and Aimee move to Chicago.

After bearing through the pre-show rain,
(Note: Brian's wet arm)
the clouds parted and the show went off without a hitch.
It was fantastic.
They all have so much energy while they play.
And Greg....
Well, we may be partial to him because we know him,
but his piece was a SHOW STOPPER!

Thanks for the great night, Greg!
Oh, and thanks to you too, honey!

Love much,


The Lookbook said...

YAY for outlets! I am glad to hear you found a few gems. I miss you Beth!

anna. said...

LOVE your hair in the umbrella pic, beth! miss you both.