July 28, 2011

A Haney Holiday

I had a realization a few weeks ago.
It was really hard for me to take.
I kept fighting it and fighting it.
It was one of the realizations that you want to ignore, but just keeps coming to the forefront of your mind.
Depressing really.

This is our last summer break.
This is the last time that for 4 months we get a little rest from the craziness that becomes our life.

And along with that,
probably our last summer in Utah as well.

And for that reason we decided we need to take advantage of as much family time as we can.
You'd think that point was a little unavoidable considering we LIVE with my family,
but this time I'm talking about Brian's family.

Brian's amazing grandpa just turned 90.
Sorry... this is the only picture I have of Grandpa Haney
It's amazing really.

And to celebrate we all got together in Twin Falls, ID.
The BeAuTiFuL Twin Falls!
This was the first or second time I had met Brian's family.
The only other time I'd seen them was at our wedding ...
and well...
I was a bit distracted that day.

It was a wonderful time to be with family and celebrate Grandpa Haney's AMAZING life!

We did his favorite things:
  • Played games
(first time I had played "Quiddler" and I BEAT grandpa... apparently that's quite the feat)
  • Ate lots of Ice Cream
  • Spent lots of time together as a family
  • Went river rafting
  • Went to the Twin Falls Temple
It was wonderful to say the least.
I hope next time we all get together will be as big of a party.
You GO Grandpa!!!!

Love much,


Julie{isCocoandCocoa} said...

Looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'm sorry that the kids and I couldn't have come.

anna. said...

hah...enjoy summer while you can! i only get 2 weeks off all year and i know people who get even less (yikes!).