July 7, 2011

No longer Independent....

As the county is sobering up from an extended weekend of celebrating their freedom,
Brian and I are adjusting to loosing ours.
We've moved in with my parents to save some extra money before we graduate.
They are SO kind to open their house to us and we are grateful to be here with them.

Now on to the national independence day....
So we were able to celebrate the 4th of July with my family this year.
We always go to Kaysville to watch the parade, BBQ, and see the fireworks show.

I had to work so we came home after the BBQ.
But I only get to see this family once a year...
So it's always a party.
Brian and I aren't into all of the candy collecting
So we spent most of the parade watching the floats/advertisements avoid hitting all the children who were roaming the streets for every piece of candy they could pick up off the road.

And my favorite picture of the day?
Roman was just overwhelmed by the spirit of Independence!


Love much,


Ashley said...

Dang thats a bummer you had to work! But it looks like you had a great 4th! And thats so nice of your parents to let you live with them (again) i bet thats fun, they are so sweet! I miss you, Beth!

anna. said...

that picture is hilarious.