April 17, 2011

"Schools out....

... for summer!"

But before we start into the sunny summer,
we got together to celebrate the success of the wonderful program Brian and I are in!
I mentioned the awards Brian and I were receiving.
Last week we got them!
I was probably more excited for Brian and his achievements than I was for myself.
Funny what love does to you, right?

The next day we went to an SPJ conference in Salt Lake. It was hosted by the University of Utah and I must say.... we are so much better than them. I don't get into this argument very often, but seriously? We blew everyone out of the water with our appearance, awards, and experience.Brian won second place for a sports story that he did a year ago. YAY!
I'm so proud of my husband and the great talent he has.

To celebrate the last day of classes and Spring Break for my niece,
my sister Amy and I took Sami to the Provo Beach Resort.
It was a lot of fun and I recommend it for a good date night experience.
Well guys, this beautiful weather has got me itching for some summer fun.
Stay tuned for a list of the many things WE want to accomplish this summer.

Love much,

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Jake and Corinne said...

Beth! I LOVE the new layout. So darling, and fits perfectly with the Love is an Orange theme. Darling darling. Thanks again for an awesome weekend!