April 4, 2011


So... if you guys haven't realized this by now....
my life is pretty lame.

Which is probably why I haven't posted in like a week.

Brian's life is fun.
He got to go cover BYU in the Sweet Sixteen.
Lucky Duck.

Since I couldn't go because I had to be the "responsible one" and stay to work, I made him promise to take lots of pictures.

I guess his idea of "lots of pictures" is 5.

So here they are.

Boys: Be jealous.

Ya.... That's Jimmer behind him!
This is the Press Room... Oh, the MADDNESS!
This is where they set-up for the remote shoot!
It's surreal to see that big "Y" on the tournament screen.

What a wonderful season to be a part of... certainly the best in many, many years!


anna. said...

hah...5 pictures is sort of a lot..?

Andrea said...

WOWZA!!!! That's is such a cool experience!