July 3, 2012


Take a look at these two chipmunks.
Makes me wonder what our nugget will look like.
Definitely going to have a good set of cheeks.
Brian says this is a good picture because it was before his awkward stage.
(I'm still not sure that awkward stage has ended...)

Today was a big day for our little family.
Are we going to have a little miss know-it-all who is completely bossy (totally unlike her mom)?
Or are we going to have a little athlete who is pushed into every sport by his dad?

This was Brian's first live peek at our little one.
He was excited.
I was anxious.
I tried to relax on that oh-so-luxurious bed,
but it wasn't until we started seeing our little one that I forgot about that device pushing on my stomach.
It was absolutely amazing to see all of the little features.
Brian was quick to count the fingers and toes.
That's always his big concern.
I was busy holding back the tears.
Emotional Beth.
I blame the hormones.

After checking every other organ in the baby's body,
my wonderful OB-GYN settled in on this little beauty.
I couldn't tell right away.
I actually asked my doc if he was serious.
Apparently he doesn't joke about these things.
You can see the spine on the right side of the picture,
it leads down to his little bum,
and then the "evidence" is sticking out right below.

We are thrilled!!!
I'm sure I would say the same no matter what the news was,
but it's even more fun because Brian and I have felt like it's a boy.

So let the shopping begin!!!
(Thanks to my mom and sister for starting me out with this one.)

So I guess this means I better get even more used to sports...
And more sports!
Love much,
Mama Beth


Julie{isCocoandCocoa} said...

So happy for you!! Boys are wonderful :)

Natalie Marie said...

AHHHHHH!!!!! Brian is going to teach that kid everything he knows, can't wait!!!! Congrats :)

anna. said...


Pam Youngs said...

Congratulations! I am so excited for you.

Lauren C said...

Yayyyy!!!!! Congrats Grimmetts!!!!!!

walkerbunch said...

Awe...So excited for you two. You'll be amazing parents. -I know because you take such good care of my Brody! :)

KIKA said...

YAHOOOO!!! so excited for you guys! :D