May 10, 2012

Goodbye First Tri

Today I'm officially 13 weeks.
Pregnancy websites say that means my baby is the size of a lime.
When I think about having a lime in me
it makes me think of those cartoons where the animals swallow fruit hole 
and their body gets all weird shaped.
I feel like my body is starting to get all weird shaped.
It's not super noticeable to people besides Brian and me.
Right now, I just look like I've had too many chicken nuggets.
Which I probably have.
Don't judge me.
My baby nugget likes them.

The nausea is still in full swing
But I'm really hoping it subsides soon.
I'm getting by on the meds
but MAN they make me tired.
Hopefully I can ditch those soon.

It's starting to get real.
For a while it was just a saying.
"We're pregnant."
Then for a while it was more of a pain.
"Ugh... I'm pregnant."
Now, it's getting exciting.
"OMGosh... We're having a baby!"
I am a mother this Mother's Day.
I am a mother.
I don't care that I won't be holding my baby on Mother's Day.
This baby is real and alive inside of me.
And it's mine.

I make tons of baby-related lists.
Songs I need to learn to sing to baby.
Books we need to read about baby.
Stories we need to brush up on to tell baby.
Crafts I can make for baby.
Stuff I need to buy before baby comes.
Pictures I need to take of baby.
I'm sure these lists will multiply and grow as the months go by.
But our excitement and joy grows as well. 
We are getting very anxious to meet our little one.

Love much,
Mommy Beth


Annika said...

you should ask for a prescription for zofran (no idea how to spell it, but sounds líke that) - it's an anti-nausea that doesn't make you tired.

Ashley said...

Yay! Growing a baby definitely qualifies you as a mother! Happy first mothers day! haha and that cartoon is hilarious!! Glad you posted that... pretty much made my day! So excited for you guys! :)

anna. said...

so exciting!!! yayyyyy!!!