April 18, 2012

It must be...

I don't feel like doing anything.
Except constantly throwing up.

I go to bed earlier than Brian.
And wake up much later than him.

I cry during commercials.
But most people just irritate me.  For no reason at all.

My hair and skin are going through hormonal changes.
And I've given up all caffeine.

I've lost 12 pounds.
But I haven't exercised a single second.

 I barely eat anything.
But I eat 6 times a day.

I haven't eaten chocolate in over a month.
But I do eat more popcorn than one person should.

What could explain this very odd behavior?
It must be...
It could only be...

A baby!

Brian and I are excited to officially announce
this new little member of the Grimmett family.
We have been wanting this for many months now
and feel so blessed (read:overwhelmed).
Little B.G. (Baby Grimmett) is scheduled to make a debut November 8th.
My doctor said I was measuring about a week behind that,
so the due date may change very soon.

I will try to blog and update a lot during this pregnancy,
but please be patient with me.
I really feel like doing nothing.
Which is so rare for me.
I hate just sitting around,
but that's all that I feel like doing lately.

I have recently started on some anti-nausea medication
because I can't keep anything down without their help.
But I'm hoping to follow the example of my mom and sister
 and be done with the nausea at week 13.
 Only 3 weeks to go!

And believe me,
I'm counting down.

Love much,

P.S. This is our 100th post on this blog.
What a fitting celebration!


~Chelle-Belle~ said...

Now that made my day, well not the whole barfing I feel terrible stuff, but the baby part! I'm so excited for you guys. Congrats

John + Bethany said...


Ginger said...

Oh Beth, I'm so happy for you both! That is so exciting. Hope you feel better soon. I remember the nausea but for me it never got worse than that. Good luck! Love you!

Angela said...

Beth and Brian - CONGRATULATIONS!!! Oh this makes me happy! I was actually just barely sorting through all of the wedding picts I've taken over the past 2 years (in the process of updating website), and saw your pictures, and remembered all of the fun we had together! I just think the very best of you both and know that you'll be fantastic parents.
Beth - I am so sorry about the sickies . . .seriously. I felt your pain with the pregnancy stuff. . . actually I remember feeling exactly how you described before and after your bridal session, but for some reason you and Brian helped me feel awesome during our time together (which was a miracle)! Yes it will pass, and I can't wait to hear of all the fun adventures that you'll have! Thanks for sharing the news!

anna. said...

i said it on fb and via text but now that i've commented on your blog, it's official.