May 10, 2010

The Proposal Story

As most of you have heard through Facebook already, Brian and I are officially engaged.  It happened last Thursday and it all went down a little something like.... this:

Brian had been telling me for several days that he was planning a really nice date for us.  We've both been really super busy lately with school and work and he felt we deserved a nice romantic night away.  I, of course, did not disagree.  We had been ring shopping at several different places but he wanted it all to be a surprise and refused to buy anything in front of me. I knew that he had talked to my dad already too.... so.... I was fully expecting a proposal at any moment.

We started the date at a bowling alley.... ya.... not one's traditional idea of romance, but there was a reason for this.  Our first official date was at this bowling alley.  I amazed Brian that first date with my mad bowling skills....unfortunately I forgot my "A" game on this date and Brian totally dominated.  Part way through the bowling, Brian sat me down and presented me with a box and a card.  I read the card (very sweet and FOR MY EYES ONLY) which talked a little about his first impressions of me and how happy he is to have met me.  The box was one of those chocolate oranges. I don't know if ya'll understand the significance of oranges to Brian and I (see heading of blog), but basically him giving me an orange is what helped me to notice him and separate him from all my other reporters.  ANYWAYS... this chocolate orange was a very creative and meaningful gift for me.  We finished our games and moved on to the second part of the date.

And since Beth had to go to work, it's my turn (Brian) to take over with the story telling. The second part of the date was actually on the way to what Beth thought was going to be the second part of the date. We were planning on going to a nice restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City so we stopped at Beth's house so that she could change out of her shorts and into some nicer clothes. (I too had changed after bowling). After she changed I took us on a little detour up to the chapel where Beth goes to church. Once again you might be thinking why on earth would I take Beth to her chapel? Well, it has a special meaning to me. On Valentine's day we sang in her sacrament meeting the primary song "Love Is Spoken Here". When we arrived I gave her another card (handmade I might add) and another chocolate orange. The card made her cry so I'm pretty sure she liked it.

With that tender moment passed we were on our way to Salt Lake to The Copper Onion. This restaurant was amazing. The atmosphere was great and the food was even better. The best part of the restaurant however was the company. Beth and I had a great time just sitting and talking and enjoying the view of downtown Salt Lake through the large open windows. Every time I look at Beth I am reminded of how much I love her and how lucky I am to have her in my life.

After dinner, which Beth had assumed was the last activity, I nonchalantly suggested that we head to Temple Square to the Tabernacle where MOTAB was having a rehearsal. She thought that was a great idea and we were on our way. I was carrying with me a plastic bag that had been driving Beth nuts the entire evening. I had been carrying all of the gifts that I had previously given to her in this bag. She had been trying to sneak a peek the entire evening. Anyway, on the way over knowing that she was expecting me to propose after such a romantic and special evening I tried to throw her off the trail. Our conversation went a little like this.

Brian: So, I get paid tomorrow and will hopefully be able to go buy your ring.
Beth (obviously frustrated): ...Oh, that's good...

So, my plan was working to perfection. The reason we went to the choir rehearsal is because we went on our Valentine's date to Music and the Spoken Word and that was the day that I told her that I loved her for the first time. While we were there listening to the music Beth informed me that she had to go to the bathroom. (She had drank a lot of water at the restaurant.) So, we went to the visitor's center so she could go.
After we left, I sat her down on a nearby bench and told her that I had one more gift for her. I handed her one final card. Beth knew that it was the last gift and was feeling around for a bulge in the envelope. When she didn't find it she opened it up and began to read. I then pulled out one final Chocolate Orange box. Beth instantly knew something was different for the box was much lighter than the others. She opened it up and inside found a beautiful engagement ring.

She was very excited so I pulled the ring out of the box, got down on one knee, and asked her if she would marry me. Thankfully, she said yes. She was so excited. She gave me a big hug and was so excited and happy that she just stared at the ring the whole time.
This is Beth's Happy Face
She was so excited in fact that she had to ask me a little later if she had already said yes or not. She had. I couldn't stop smiling. We've never been happier. After that we headed up to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and called our parents to let them know the news. On the way down an older couple entered the elevator with us. I casually started a conversation and when they asked us how we were doing Beth couldn't help but burst out that she had just gotten engaged. She showed them the ring and she was just beaming. It made me very happy to see that. 

And that my friends, is our engagement story. We couldn't be any happier!


anna. said...

love you guys. the end.

<3 <3 <3

Sable said...

Love Love Love... You really are my most favoritiest couple ever! I think we should do a story about you on the BYU DN...

Marque and Sarah said...

Congrats, Beth! He is a lucky guy!

Macy said...

So excited for you!

Rebecca said...

Hooray Beth! We're so happy for you! :)

ddzado said...

my roommates are dropping like flies!