February 27, 2015

Back on the bicycle

It's been a while.
More than a year, in fact. 

And while I've enjoyed the time off and not having the (self-made) pressure to produce an exciting enough life to document, 
I realized I miss being able to look back through posts and see how our family is changing...
growing ...
So I'm hopping back on the bicycle and starting this blog up again. 

No promises as to how frequently I'll post
but rest assured there will be LOTS of this...
And this...
Oh - and of course THIS!
Feel free to pop in any time. 
Or block me from your Feedly list. 
I really don't care. 

But I think my family is pretty special and I'm excited to document our adventures - even if it's just for me. 

Love much,
Mama Beth

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