February 1, 2012

January Basics

Who said that when I got done with school I'd have so much more time on my hands?

Oh wait...
Maybe that was me.

I haven't.
Either that or I have become extremely lazy,
Which I don't think is possible for me because my brain might explode.
I certainly have found plenty of things to keep me busy:

Brick Oven

A new job as a Nanny for a little girl with CF

Date Nights
(I love having more time with Brian)

Car Buying
We traded in my little Suzuki for a Nissan Murano.
Independent Study class

Kick-butt Cycling class

(some tutorials coming soon!)

Packing lunches for my WORKING MAN!!!
This is first day as an official reporter for KUER.
Don't ask me how,
But Brian sits up at the legislature almost everyday 
and finds something interesting to talk about.
He is loving it and has even expanded the never-ending job search to include radio positions.
Please keep praying for us!

Love much,

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