October 15, 2010

Guest Blogger

Hi all, this is a guest blogger popping in, only because Brian and Beth left themselves signed in on a newsroom computer (such a newbie move for such a veteran news couple). But if they were here, they would tell you that Natalie Tripp is possibly THE coolest person that they have ever known and that you should all come see her in BYU's production of Romeo and Juliet, because watching her do the weather on the ElevenNEWS at noon is not enough Natalie in your life. Also, you can check out her blog at ntripp.blogspot.com to read about Beth and Brian's latest adventure down south because let's face it- in the newsroom, we're all so incredibly good looking that it just gets overwhelming and we all need to escape the stress of being so amazing.

Love you all!
Natalie aka the next big thing

This is me being incredibly good looking, and yes boys I am single ;)


Annika said...

This is stinking hilarious!!!

anna. said...

hah. love this.