April 25, 2010

Is this thing on?

I guess I'm a part of this new world here. It finally happened. I finally fell in love and most important I finally tricked somebody into falling in love with me. And to think, all it took was an orange. So I'm kind of new to this whole blogging thing. I'll do my best to not offend anybody. It's always difficult to know how personal to get so hopefully I can find that perfect balance between letting you know what kind of trouble Beth and I are getting into and at the same time not using this space to air out dirty laundry, because no one likes looking at dirty laundry. By the way I would just like to let you know that because of Beth's computer it has taken me twice as long to write this than it should have. Anyway, all I know is that this is going to be a fun adventure because I've already experienced some of the best times of my life.

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